Developing Wiki Strategies

Some wikis are for private use and are simply communication tools between family, friends and co-workers.” (Understanding Wikis). With this said, This week’s topic is based on Wikis and the best strategies for using Wikis in the Enterprise.

Wikis are a highly collaborative web page with content that can be viewed, edited, and updated by all users sharing access to the wiki. Similar to a blog in structure and logic, a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the Web site using a browser interface, including the work of previous authors (Webopedia, 2012). Wikis are normally successful when they are utilized as a base of knowledge by companies and organizations to furthermore improve the distribution of information between staff members. Wikis can be developed in alot of ways. Some are public where as some are private. A great method for creating a corporate wiki is to provide a certain amount of staff members within a company to edit and/or update information making the wiki page more controlled. Some wikis may contain false information or irrelevant information. By allowing a respective amount of staff members to edit the wiki, senior staff members can provide and share information and can also instruct the IT staff on what to provide on the Wiki page.  Nevertheless, to ensure a Wiki page is efficient and productive it must :

  1. Be user friendly: Well structured, and easy to use.
  2. Have Rules and Responsibilities: In order to promote the idea of senior staff members controlling the wiki, a set of rules and responsibilities must be laid down to ensure the wiki maintains accurate information.
  3.  Security: Since the Wiki page may be a corporate page with information belonging to the company, there should be certain security protocols put in place to authorise only members allowed to view the wiki.
  4. Meets the needs of the enterprise: The Wiki tool or software used must be suitable for the company using it whether it were to be a large enterprise or a small business.



Understanding Wikis


4 thoughts on “Developing Wiki Strategies

    • Thanks dominic. Personally if I were to own a corporate wiki page, security would definitely be one of my major concerns. In our times, information is very valuable and maintaining a confidentiality with valuable information is vital! I’ll check out your post and see your thoughts

  1. Wikis are a great source for information, virtually every larger community has one today, so it is important to have a consistent strategy for all those wikies…

    • very well said. i’m sure that looking at all our blogs, we can together formulate the most effective strategies to keep great sources of information flowing within wikis

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