Rich User Experience

Today’s blog will reveal why our society should utilize Rich User Experience (RUE) and also provide examples to support its claim. RUE as a web application downloads enables users to edit and update data using the programming tools it provides. Examples of RUE are JavaScript, Flash and DHTM. Gmail, Google Chrome and Google Maps display rich user interfaces to give users the ability to update changes to the site in the long term. Gmail was created by Google to represent innovation on a web-based mail solutions market providing functions that were never implemented on previous mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Although Gmail began with an invitational process in which users of the application had to be invited in order to operate it, the mail service now allows everyone to use the product. The benefits of using Gmail are that it does not accept spam messages. Also, Gmail is very fast and supplies more than enough storage space (1 GB) for users to store their data. Users can also search for mail within the mail service and lastly the site is integrated with other Google products such as maps and chatting spaces. Storing files on Gmail creates high accebility for the service since files can be accessed from anywhere. Given it’s capacity, accessibily and functionality, Gmail is a clear RUE tool that is efficient and productive with helping users fulfil their needs.


Google Mail

Google Chrome


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