Data is the next “intel inside”

Data has become an essential tool in our evolving technical world. Data can be stored, shared, accessed, or protected. This ranges from data such as facebook private information or other forms of data like credit card details. Todays blog will define why data is the next intel inside using Skydrive as an example. Skydrive is Microsoft and Web 2.0 tool that is used to store data such as photos, audio, video, and general documents to a storage. Similar to Dropbox, it can be accessed whenever the user wants to access it and from wherever as well. Sky drive allows users to store up to 25 Gigabytes giving the user plenty of space to store their data and ensure it’s protected. Using Skydrive means the user does not need to carry or lose USB Drives so they can also back up their important documents.

The advantages of utilizing Skydrive are the storage space it allows (25 GB), storing photos, videos and general files, and lastly, enabling the ability to create folders and upload zip files. Folders cannot be created with it’s other competitor Google Docs and zip files also cannot be uploaded. Skydrive also has great accessibility due to the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere. It’s functionality is superb as there is an iphone application announced for it making it a clear choice for file storage in the future.



Google Docs


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