Innovation in Assembly

In our modernizing world, web 2.0 is proving to show great efficiency with regards to interchanging information across the web. This is transforming how people utilize the internet and how services are provided to simplify our daily lives. Services and applications can be added to other applications thus combining functionality and efficiency in order to creat new services. This is called Innovation in Assembly. Innovation in Assembly is one of the ingredients of the Web 2.0 sources  and assists developers by making websites quicker with less effort and at less cost. This design pattern consists of using Application Programming Interfaces (API) that are accessible from other applications. Some of the advantages of utilizing API’s are that, they provide scalable growth, build trust and community, customers reveal how they are used, and lastly API’s foster third party innovation. An example of a site that is greatly associated with API’s is Twitter. Although API’s are an essential tool to enhance the functionality of web application, they can be become a disadvantage if all other web 2.0 applications were to run into problems. However, since social networking is expanding at an exponential rate, issues like these can be eradicated quickly.

Flickr is another example of a web service that uses API  to enhance its functionality and efficiency. Some could say flickr operates as a customer based website in addition to a platform for developers. It was noted in the lecture that platforms beat applications nearly every time and by integrating both services flickr is a very powerful tool. Flickr uses different applications such as the Flickr Uploadr, Flump (third party app used to download public images), and Desktop Flickr Organizer which allows the editing of images while organizing other tasks simultaneously.

Utilizing API simplifies creating platforms and additionally helps reveal how users operate on services. Such tools are significant for modernizing our technology by making it more productive, efficient, and cost effective.







2 thoughts on “Innovation in Assembly

  1. Nice Post,
    I like your point about easy-to-build websites in particular, as seen in these blog-platforms, its now more than ever easy for people to just go and add to the collective intelligence of the web in only a few klicks.

    Modernizing our entire industry with the emerging technology is an important step into the future and a new dimension of customer-relations as well.

    • Thanks for that. I agree! I am excited to see what the future of technology will be like in the next 5 or 10 years in regards to how apps can enhance their functionalities.

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